Karafun Karaoke Plus 2450 + Songs

KaraFun is a complete solution for playing and creating karaoke at home.
It offers not only a much richer graphical experience, but also a significant layer of interactivity and control.
Play the new KFN format with the KaraFun Standard Software and control key and tempo, set the volume of guide vocal track and melody, personalize your own training mode, toggle the sync bubbles mode, change text typo and so much more!

The Player plays all major karaoke files : KFN, KAR, CDG, LRC, KOK, AVI, MPEG… The Editor allows you to easily create your own karaoke tracks!

If you want to go further in karaoke’s creation, paying version KaraFun Studio is for you, however, with these 400+ songs you can still sing along, with words on fullscreen.



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silvestre disse...

karafun studio ao tentar abrir o programa anti virus kasperskay pago adverte program potencialmente perigoso isso procede? disse silvestre908@itelefonica.com.br

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